There are those that will tell you with absolute certainty that the American economy and that of the entire world is on the verge of imminent collapse.  Some take a totally opposite view, pointing to the positive indicators going on right now in real estate, manufacturing and the stock market as the start of “The New Economy.”


Still others go even further and say that “The New Economy” is all around us, like diamonds in our own backyard, waiting for us to recognize the opportunities.


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It's startling to realize that no one, in the media or almost anywhere, seems to be talking about the fact that America is a millionaire making machine.  Currently, the USA has more than 6 to 12 million millionaires depending on who you ask. Year in and year out, no matter how the economy performs America produces more millionaires each year than the next 10 nations combined!

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Once you know what your passion is, it’s easier to manifest it all!


To turn your hobby or passion into your own income generating machine with several unique streams of revenue, follow these steps:

Take a magical journey of transformation with “The Awakening Course” that helps you step-by-step to manifest your goals.  It has the power to turn fears into success, complaints into positive life-changing intentions and you’ll discover how easy it is (and necessary) to tap into the amazing power of your unconscious thoughts every day!

Everyone can benefit from listening to this audio version of the famous book “Think and Grow Rich” which has been masterfully updated for the times we live in.  Just listen and your belief in yourself will open to new ideas and concepts to manifest your dreams!

If you are struggling to figure out what your passion is or how to better hear your calling, explore this fantastic book: "What Color is Your Parachute?"  It helps you get a handle on all the questions that might be swimming around in your mind to define your ideas into a profitable venture and more fulfilling life.


Explore important and exciting personal clues as you improve your credit!


Even though we may want to forget about and move past all that we owe, instead you can use this great tool to recognize the struggles you have actually survived!  As bad as we may have it, once you identify the obstacles of the past and how you dealt with them you won’t have to repeat them as you become part of “The New Economy.” Use this Credit Info to freely re-invent, re-focus and re-organize everything you want in life and transform your past into a better future!

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Even with the regulations and tax codes of today, America continues to produce more and more new millionaires every year…Making more than 1000 of us millionaires EACH AND EVERY DAY!

In addition to these facts, it is projected that over half of us will soon be “Self-Employed” without a boss other than ourselves and our customers and clients working from our homes on our computers…doing Coaching, Consulting, Health Care, Graphics and Design, Home Improvement, Accounting, Personal Training, Events, Marketing and Sales of all kinds, Music, Website, Video, and App Creation and Management, On-Line Experts…plus a million other things!

If there are no jobs…create a business in what you love where there is a want or need and become a Pioneer of The New Economy!  Expand your knowledge, devote a few hours a week and see what happens. Don’t let others try to squash your dreams.

Sell stuff, create stuff, or talk about stuff….become a Live Person Expert! Explore a franchise or create your own! People are doing all kinds of fun and unique, sometimes even wacky things to generate income that gives greater fulfillment.  And some of these ideas will go on to become tomorrow’s Starbucks, Disney, Facebook or Apple.

What are the STEPS to go from Idea to Income?

So, if you want to turn the thing you love to do, your hobby or your passion into a business or personal brand and don't know where to begin, follow the steps below.

STEP 1. Register a Website Domain Name that says what you do!  FREE with Hosting Package HERE

STEP 2. Create an easy and fun 3 to 5 page website and add exciting related products. Unlimited Affiliate Links HERE

STEP 3. Get traffic to your site every way you can!  (See #3 below for tips and links to start)

As you develop your own website around a product, brand, service or your unique talents, ideas will come to you on how to make more income from the thing you love! Just create it with a great name and experiment with what works and gives you joy. You'll be amazed how your website will help you focus your ideas into a real profitable business that almost takes on a life of its own!

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Develop several unique revenue streams that you can market for your brand and include affiliate links that expand your income. Here are several great sources for Affiliate income info:

Create e-mails, ads and fun videos about you and your products in an entertaining way to get people to know about you and your brand using the terrific traffic generators you’ll find below:

Discover 3 more keys to use your Individual Talents, Dreams and even the Obstacles in your life as actual clues to help you define your brand and create an income!

Are you looking for a Breakthrough Business Idea?  Explore a franchise or create your own! Here's a great source with more than 100,000 business ideas!


Never panic!  There's always an answer to be found!  Tap into these excellent and affordable sources below to help you spark powerful ideas and content for your Resume, Websites, Blog Articles, PR and Videos.


Explore some Unique Do-It-Yourself Websites

Explore these simple Do-It-Yourself websites created using the platform. No matter how specific and narrow the niche is of your website, you can see how easy it is to create a revenue generating website for your own unique brand. Become a Pioneer of The New Economy and create your own website brand!

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Website Name:

Website Name:

Have you got a great business idea? Here's everything you need to build and manage your business now! Gives you the power and tools to go from Ideas to Income!

Protect Your Identity!  Here is another one of the Do-It-Yourself KEYS to THE NEW ECONOMY!  No matter what business you're in or what your interest, when you use the techniques presented on this page to increase your manifestation powers, you will find it wise to have a strong protection of all your assets.  And your Identity is your #1 asset! Find out how Identity Force can keep you completely safe and protect you with a million dollar pledge!

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Discover how to make the Do-It-Yourself aspects of THE NEW ECONOMY really work for you! Here's your ticket to get hired and to hire the best! Find thousands of fabulous full-time positions and freelance projects and when it's time for you to hire, you'll find the best with ZipRecruiter!

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