Even with the turmoil, divisions and ups and downs we're experiencing today, most agree The New Economy has been on a roller-coaster but upward trend since the end of the Great Recession. Although too slow for some, key areas of the economy continue to greatly improve, but others seem stuck in a fog of confusion and struggle, waiting for some kind of breakthrough.  

There are even those who will tell you with absolute certainty that the economy of America and in fact the entire world is on the verge of imminent collapse. That the world is out of control and to be afraid. Others will point out that The New Economy is just beginning to reveal amazing opportunities and new business ideas, if we can see them. So, the real question is: How can we tap into the power of The New Economy right now, no matter how this wild-ride economy performs or the obstacles we face?

It's amazing to note that few, if any, in the media or politics mention one very up-beat and true fact about America. Turns out that our nation is actually a millionaire making machine. Because each and every day in the USA over 1000 of us become millionaires! Every single day! It's true… Google it! A 1000 a day in the USA!

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In fact, for over 30 years no matter how the economy performs, no matter what crisis we face or who is in the White House it's amazing to realize that the USA produces more millionaires than the next 10 nations combined. Every day in the USA more than a 1000 of us become millionaires! Every single day!

In addition to these facts, it is projected that over half of us will soon be “Self-Employed” without a boss other than ourselves and our customers and clients working from our homes on our computers…doing Coaching, Consulting, Health Care, Graphics and Design, Home Improvement, Accounting, Personal Training, Events, Marketing and Sales of all kinds, Music, Website, Video, and App Creation and Management, On-Line Experts…plus a million other things!

If there are no jobs...or you're in one you don't like… create a business in what you love where there is a want or need and become a Pioneer of The New Economy!  Expand your knowledge, devote a few hours a week and see what happens. Don’t let others try to squash your dreams.

Sell stuff, create stuff, or talk about stuff….become a Live Person Expert! Explore a franchise or create your own! People are doing all kinds of fun and unique, even wacky things to generate income that gives greater fulfillment. And some of these ideas will go on to become tomorrow’s Tesla, Disney, Google, Apple and beyond!

Now you can use the Five Golden Keys that you'll find below to create a solid future as The New Economy begins to bounce back. In the atmosphere we find ourselves in, every business, every store and every individual needs a strong on-line presence with robust revenue streams to survive and flourish.

The Keys below unlock the secrets to make your on-line presence really work for you. At the same time, these Keys can help you navigate the wild-ride economy for greater personal prosperity and success, no matter what obstacles you face. You can do it!

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There's no business like your own business. Here's a great source where you can find a Franchise or get inspired with over 100,000 business ideas. Being more creative is what The New Economy is all about.  Grab a Franchise or start your own!

Never panic!  There's always an answer to be found!  Tap into these excellent and affordable sources below to help you spark powerful ideas and content for your Resume, Websites, Blog Articles, PR and Videos.

Explore these Wonderful Do-It-Yourself Websites

The simple Do-It-Yourself websites below were created using the WIX and Wordpress platforms. Discover how easy it is to create your own revenue generating website no matter how unique and specific your idea. Become a Pioneer of The New Economy and create your own website brand using the amazing tools outlined here or let us create a website for you.

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Have you got a great business idea? Here's everything you need to build and manage your business now! Gives you the power and tools to go from Ideas to Income!

Protect Your Identity!  Here is another one of the Do-It-Yourself KEYS to THE NEW ECONOMY!  No matter what business you're in or what your interest, when you use the techniques presented on this page to increase your manifestation powers, you will find it wise to have a strong protection of all your assets.  And your Identity is your #1 asset! Find out how Lifelock can keep you completely safe and protect you with a million dollar pledge!

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Discover how to make the Do-It-Yourself aspects of THE NEW ECONOMY really work for you! Here's your ticket to get hired and to hire the best! Find thousands of fabulous full-time positions and freelance projects and when it's time for you to hire, you'll find the best with ZipRecruiter!

Discover Resource Tools to Expand Your Brand

As you develop your own website around a product, brand, service or your unique talents, ideas will come to you on how to make more income from the thing you love! Just create it with a great name and experiment with what works and gives you joy. You'll be amazed how your website will help you focus your ideas into a real profitable business that almost takes on a life of its own!


Whether you know your calling or not, these essential tools can help you discover and manifest your passion for greater prosperity and success every day.

To turn your hobby or passion into your own income generating machine with several unique streams of revenue, follow these steps:

The ups and downs of "The New Economy" are presenting amazing opportunities, if you can see them. Many are finding that no matter what's going on, you really can grab financial prosperity at the same time as spiritual advancement. In fact, according to The Awakening Course, they actually go hand in hand.

Even beyond the chaos in the news and divisions nearly everywhere we look, this link gives you easy steps to open a golden path on every level! Real tools to turn fears into success and pains into life-affirming intentions. Watch what happens when you tap into the unlimited power of your unconscious using the keys found in The Awakening Course. Be ready because it works!  Click HERE.

Everyone can benefit from listening to this audio version of the famous book “Think and Grow Rich” which has been masterfully updated for the times we live in.  Just listen and your belief in yourself will open to new ideas and concepts to manifest your dreams!

If you are struggling to figure out what your passion is or how to better hear your calling, explore this fantastic book: "What Color is Your Parachute?"  It helps you get a handle on all the questions that might be swimming around in your mind to define your ideas into a profitable venture and more fulfilling life.

This is your first key to put you in better control of the wild-ride economy: Make sure you are well prepared for the added responsibilities that come along with increased prosperity and success. Prepare every personal and business relationship for these changes. Explore the best legal and accounting counsel that will help you move ahead. Prepare all of your social media, product deliveries, sales strategies plus your stamina and nerves so you can handle the added hours and pressure. Create a solid foundation now, so all your worlds are prepared to embrace the prosperity you imagine. Get ready!

One easy way to prepare your worlds that many forget is to make sure your personal and business insurance coverage is solidly in place. This is especially true for those low-cost protections that insurance companies hope you forget like: Pet Insurance, Renter's Coverage, Appliance Protection, Identity Theft Coverage, and Small Business Insurance. We've done the research for you to find the lowest monthly rates on all kinds of coverage. Be smart! Get everything insured! And let your policy pay those bills! Get Everything Insured.com !

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KEY 4: REVENUE KEYS Develop several unique revenue streams that you can market for your brand and include affiliate links that expand your income. Here are several great sources for Affiliate income info:

Key 5: TRAFFIC KEYS Create e-mails, ads and fun videos about you and your products in an entertaining way to get people to know about you and your brand using the traffic generators you’ll find below:

Use these Five Keys to Turn the Obstacles You Encounter into Opportunities for Greater Prosperity and Success Every Moment.

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Visitors want to experience a well-designed attractive environment that's easy to navigate. Find the top 10 steps for your success to online selling with Weebly: Develop your Branding. Select an exciting Theme. Add products to your Website. Easily set up shipping and taxes. Market your Website. Organize it all from your Weebly dashboard and much more!

Whether you're a gig worker or you have your own business, when you need instant coverage for an event or production tap the Thimble. All your possible insurance needs in one place. Get the Thimble App. General Liability, Professional Liability, Equipment Protection, Commercial Property Insurance, Event and Production Coverage, Drone Insurance and more. We've got you covered!

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America is at a once-in-a-generation turning point around work: unprecedented numbers are quitting their jobs, rethinking their routines, breaking away from stifling expectations.  "The Search" arrives as the world reimagines the basic assumptions of work and offers a timely toolbox for each of us to get the happiness we seek, the meaning we crave, and the success we deserve.  Find work you love. On your own terms.

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